Marvel, DC & Star Wars - Funko 'Pop!'

In 2016 we supplied a vast array of characters, vehicles and creature rigs for A Large Evil Corporation's 'Pop!' stylised animated shorts and product teasers.  Based on the popular Funko collectible figure line, these simple large-headed characters are built using our in-house automated rigging pipeline, ensuring quick and reliable turnarounds with flexible animation controls.  The rigs included notable characters; Marvel's Deadpool, DC's Batman and Robin, and Star Wars' Han Solo with Tauntaun and many more.

Thanks to A Large Evil Corporation for working with Flex Animation on these fun characters.  Animated shorts and teasers featuring our rigs can be found below:-

Smuggler's Bounty: The Empire Strikes Back Trailer:


Chimichangas, featuring Deadpool:

Legion of Collectors: DC Legacy Teaser:

Marvel Collector Corps: Super Hero Showdowns Teaser:

Marvel Collector Corps: X-Men Teaser:

Donna Summer: The Ultimate Collection

Earlier in 2016 we were engaged to create an end to end commercial for client SJW films, promoting a brand new CD collection for Donna Summer's greatest hits.

We supplied previsualisation of the commercial, allowing the client to chop and change as they saw fit.  Once approved, neon beams that fly towards camera were modelled and rigged in 3D to recreate feeling of past CD sleeve artwork, then timed & animated at each track.  Light fog and stars were added to give more depth, along with rare archival footage of Donna overlaid.

On the left is source postcard artwork from past CD release, while on the right is the animated test created at Flex to replicate the look

On the left is source postcard artwork from past CD release, while on the right is the animated test created at Flex to replicate the look

Special thanks to Sophie Wardle and the team at SJW films for working with us on this exciting project.

Donna Summer: The Ultimate Collection full commercial is currently airing on UK Television & can be viewed via the link below:

Flex Animation's first animated short 'Rise' in development

We're very excited to announce our first in-house project!  'Rise' will be Flex Animation's first animated short from Director and founder David Cowles Brooks.  Originally conceived in 2013, Rise will focus on Clarence as he struggles with the worst morning in history.

"Clarence enjoys one of those unique mornings.  The kind you dream about where you can't reach your goal.  Ever." - David Cowles Brooks on 'Rise'.

RSC's Tempest Digital Apparition

Last year we worked with the Imaginarium Studios to deliver a digital apparition of RSC actor Simon Russell Beale.  This forms the first time the RSC has incorperated digital avatars on stage with actors.

Special thanks to Imaginarium Studios for working with Flex on this very exciting project.  You can read more in The Telegraph who have featured an article on the upcoming production.

View Conference 2015

Flex Animation is proud to be an official media partner for View Conference 2015, Italy's international computer graphics conference.  The event runs from 19-23 October in Turin. This year's guests include:-

  • Christopher Townsend, VFX Supervisor for" Avengers : Age of Ultron "
  • Jorge R. Gutierrez, director of "The Book of Life" by ReelFx
  • Kim White, Director of Photography, Inside Out, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Michael Rubin, Senior Innovator at Adobe Systems
  • Michael Kurisnky, Production Designer for the animated movie " Hotel Transylvania 2" by Sony Animation
  • Erik Nash, VFX Supervisor for " Night at the Museum : Secret of the Tomb" by MPC
  • Glenn Entis, Computer Animation and Video Games Pioneer
  • David Misch, Author and Comedian

Check out the View Conference official website for more information & to book your attendance.

Anatomy of a CGI T. Rex - T.Rex Autopsy (National Geographic Channel)

Early in 2015 we rigged a fully anatomically accurate T. Rex for the National Geographic Channel's 'T. Rex Autopsy' documentary.  The brief was to keep the musculature lean, so particular care was taken to bias the flexing of the muscles against the secondary jiggle.

Below: a breakdown of the T. Rex rig built using our in-house toolset at Flex Animation.  Credit to Jonathan Symmonds for the source walkcycle for this breakdown.

Animation puppet

Animation puppet

Skeletal and muscle volumes

Skeletal and muscle volumes

Skin simulation and flexing

Skin simulation and flexing



T. rex Autopsy

Early in 2015 we were tasked with bringing a full size T. rex to life for an upcoming National Geographic Documentary.  The rig involved detailed anatomical construction from the skeleton up, and made use of our in-house muscle toolset for jiggle and flexing.  We will share more following the premiere - June 7 at 8pm on the National Geographic Channel

Article from the Daily Mail UK -

Combatabots Trailer

In December 2014 Flex Animation created rigs for two unique hero characters and their off-road truck for a promotional trailer by Kids Cave Entertainment.  Both the characters and the vehicle were built using our custom in-house rigging toolset.

The truck wheels interacted with custom input ground geometry and the chassis of the vehicle could be gimballed on it's supsension, with automatic secondary engine rumble movement on the hood and bumpers.  Special thanks to Axis Animation and Dean Wright for working with us on this short yet fun little project.


Well, it's been a busy time for Flex Animation.  Since starting in 2014 we've worked on a huge scale asset for an upcoming National Geographic documentary, we've provided characters for a new multi-platform franchise akin to Disney Infinity, and just recently we were involved with digital marketing for an upcoming Sci Fi blockbuster.  The work has been varied and fun.  Looking forward to sharing our year in the near future...

Ealing StudioS

One of our latest clients is based at the historic Ealing Studios in London.  Established in 1938, it is always a pleasure to collaborate with such a significant facility, home to 'The Ladykillers' (1955) starring Alec Guiness and Peter Sellers.

Our in-house work continues to expand, and excite!  More to come...

Flex launch

It's an exciting time for Flex animation!  Teas are brewing, anatomy books are being thumbed through, pencils are scribbling, code is being debugged and digital assets are being built.  The latter half of 2014 promises to be an exciting time for Flex.  Our showreel is coming soon - watch this space!