Marvel, DC & Star Wars - Funko 'Pop!'

In 2016 we supplied a vast array of characters, vehicles and creature rigs for A Large Evil Corporation's 'Pop!' stylised animated shorts and product teasers.  Based on the popular Funko collectible figure line, these simple large-headed characters are built using our in-house automated rigging pipeline, ensuring quick and reliable turnarounds with flexible animation controls.  The rigs included notable characters; Marvel's Deadpool, DC's Batman and Robin, and Star Wars' Han Solo with Tauntaun and many more.

Thanks to A Large Evil Corporation for working with Flex Animation on these fun characters.  Animated shorts and teasers featuring our rigs can be found below:-

Smuggler's Bounty: The Empire Strikes Back Trailer:


Chimichangas, featuring Deadpool:

Legion of Collectors: DC Legacy Teaser:

Marvel Collector Corps: Super Hero Showdowns Teaser:

Marvel Collector Corps: X-Men Teaser: